Embellished Fashion Sampling

Design Related Sampling with Embroidery or Vinyl Print for Prototypes,
Pre-Production and Production Samples
  • Embroidery Embellishments
  • One Off Pieces for Sampling
  • Prototypes, Sew By, Pre-Production
  • Show Samples, Production Samples
  • Competitive Prices on Sampling
  • Great Value and a Fast Service


Preliminary Samples with Custom Embellishment

Conceptual Designs

Ideas & Concepts Created with Embroidery or Print

Production Samples

Production Samples with Print or Embroidery

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What Our Clients Say

JeaP Clothing literally saved the day for us, within a couple of days I had the final embroideries on my desk. Debbie was more than helpful & went miles out of her way to make our very quick turnaround possible.
From now on we will be undoubtedly using JeaP for all of our collections, I highly recommend JeaP, you will not be dissatisfied, I’m only sad we didn’t find them sooner.

Fantastic, thank you so much for your help and beautiful work!
MARY HUTCHINSON | Stephen Jones Millinery

Pricing Overview

This is a three part process........
1. Set Up - Covers converting your files into a usable format.
2. Garment Costs - Cost per garment that we supply to you.
3. Application Charges - Cost for applying either Embroidery or Print application.

There are lots of different variations that we can apply to your order, for a full comprehensive quotation, just fill out the Get A Quote Form.


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Fashion Samples We've Created



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Caitlin Price

Caitlin Price
London Fashion Week

More on Fashion Sampling

Fashion is distinctive, diverse and often outlandish........We understand that putting your ideas into practice can be a challenge and we understand that you the designer want to keep it as close to your original concept as possible.

JeaP love's an interesting venture and that's why prototypes & concepts are one of the things we enjoy creating with you!
In an ideal world we would all like to have hours of time to put things together, however, practicalities, last minute changes and circumstances do not always allow us this luxury. We understand deadlines, we get the pressures and we can assess straight away if we can produce what you need.
No faffing, straight to the point!

Located in North East London, we happily accept visitors to brainstorm, liaise with & work through concepts, ideas and practicalities to ensure you get the final piece, exactly as you want it.

We've been doing this type of work since 2003 and trained extensively in Soft Furnishings & Design for 12 years prior to that, so we understand fabrics, sewing and all those little functional nuances that help make your creation come to life.

Embroidery, Print Variations & even Rhinestones could be exactly what you're looking for and we know exactly how to apply them......

Read on to discover how easy it is to get your fashion sample order:
There will be a few questions that we need to ask you, so be prepared and we will make the whole process quick, easy and as pain free as possible.

  • Are you organised and ready to go......getting all your images, artwork & designs sorted will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Will you be supplying your own fabrics....generally this is a good idea, then you are choosing exactly what you want. Remember to mark right side & which way the grain is running etc.
  • Let us know if you have a tight budget or if deadlines are critical...we will work with you to make your project a success!
What's Next

You can send us your Sample or Production info by completing the Get A Quote form at the top of the page, or pick up the phone and call us directly on 01322 404764... either way, we will guide you through what's needed and get your order rolling.


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