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  • Custom Lettering & Monogramming
  • Single Initial, Two Initials, Three Initials
  • Appliqué Initials
  • Commissioned Patches
  • Wedding Dress Labels
  • Contemporary & Traditional Designs
  • Great Value and Fast Service

Traditional Styles

Fully Embroidered,
Custom Design

Custom Lettering

Naming Service, Ideal for Kids and Elderly

Embroidered Labels

Wedding Dress, Tie Labels, Good Luck Messages

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What Our Clients Say

I'm really really happy with it! I think it looks great.
Thank you so much!
HARRIET PHILLIPS | Good Luck Matthew Patch

I never imagined they would turn out so perfectly!
The stitching is beautiful and fab job for doing them so quickly. Thank you!
TATIANA BALAKIN | Wedding Favours

Pricing Overview

This is a three part process........
1. Set Up - Covers converting your files into a usable format.
2. Garment Costs - Cost per garment that we supply to you.
3. Application Charges - Cost for applying either Embroidery or Print application.

There are lots of different variations that we can apply to your order, for a full comprehensive quotation, just fill out the Get A Quote Form.


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Monogramming We've Created


Handkerchief Gift

Designer Handkerchief
Personalised with Initials

Sock Naming

Personalised Socks to
Keep Safe in Laundy

Simple Initials

School Uniform,
Child's Initials

Appliqué Initials

Appliqué Initial with
Decoration and Additional Text

More on Monogramming

For centuries people have been Monogramming their most treasured possessions. Initially favoured by the wealthy and artistic, monogramming dates back as far as Ancient Greece.
Popularised heavily in the Victorian era...monogramming is making a come back!

There is a strict etiquette surrounding Monograms and at JeaP we know the correct guidelines to assist you if you wish to be as correct as Debrett......

Choose from simple initials, to custom lettering or let us create a Bespoke design for your Wedding Dress Label to Good Luck message.

Monogramming is an art form in it's own right, designs can be directly applied to garments, accessories, or created as labels that can be stitched into clothing.
Use your own flair to style something amazing or give us a touch of inspiration and let our creative imagination run wild for you.

A monogram is a reflection of you and we think it will definitely add a little chic to your wardrobe.

Read on to discover how easy it is to get your monogram order:
There will be a few questions that we need to ask you, so be prepared and we will make the whole process quick, easy and as pain free as possible.

  • Do you know what the monogram will be used for.......essential so that we can offer you the right service.
  • Got an idea of the quantity you would like.....this will affect the cost, ordering big quantities means nice discounts, but isn't always what you need.
  • Design, colours and finish.....we can make suggestions for you and work along side you, however, having design artwork is really essential and will help speed up the process of your order.
What's Next.......

You can send us your Monogram info by completing the Get A Quote form at the top of the page, or pick up the phone and call us directly on 01322 404764... either way, we will guide you through what's needed and get your order rolling.



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