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Looking for Smart, Presentable & Durable Uniforms....We Have the Solution!
  • Staff Uniforms & Workwear Fully Branded
  • Hardwearing, EasyCare, Durable
  • Smart, Stylish and Functional
  • Huge Choice of Colours & Styles
  • Aprons, Service, Chefwear, Careworkers
  • Safety, Health & Beauty, Security, Builders

Oxford Shirts

Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve
Great Choice of Colours


Hospitality, Service, Careworkers & More


Jackets, Fleeces, Polo's, Sweats, All Workwear

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Thank you very much for the T-Shirts. They are brilliant and everyone has commented on them, we will be recommending you to everyone.

Embroidery work was even better than I had imagined when it arrived, we’re so pleased! JeaP offered friendly, professional and first class customer service with fantastic attention to detail.
SAM PICKETT | Cubo Creative

Pricing Overview

This is a three part process........
1. Set Up - Covers converting your files into a usable format.
2. Garment Costs - Cost per garment that we supply to you.
3. Application Charges - Cost for applying either Embroidery or Print application.

There are lots of different variations that we can apply to your order, for a full comprehensive quotation, just fill out the Get A Quote Form.


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Uniforms & Workwear We've Created


Inspector Gas

Embroidered Logo on PoloShirts,
Sweatshirts & Hoodies

Ovation Data

Logos Embroidered Using Frosted Thread

Writtle College

Uniforms Sponsored by Farm & Country Supplies

SBR Construction

Workwear for the Building Industry

More on Uniforms & Workwear

Personalised uniform or customised workwear offers employers and employees a host of benefits which should be considered.

As a business owner, would you appreciate FREE daily advertising? Customised staff clothing that carries your company name or logo, gives you exactly that. Your staff become a walking billboard and will constantly promote your business wherever you go. Added to that, it gets them noticed......

Making your staff easily recognisable is a great advantage to your customers. Branded clothing, not only looks good, it gives an air of authority & knowledge, making your customers feel...'These guys really know what they are doing'.

Your staff will appreciate you...having a uniform makes it easy for them, no difficult choices as to what to wear each day and no damage or wear to their own clothing.

So all in all there are numerous benefits to supplying your staff with uniform, in short, your staff will be smarter, more easily recognised and best of all, give you FREE advertising for your business.

Read on to discover how easy it is to get your staff into uniform:
There will be a few questions that we need to ask you, so be prepared and we will make the whole process quick, easy and as pain free as possible.

  • Do you know what duties your staff will be carrying out.......essential so that we can offer you the right uniform choices.
  • Got an idea of the quantity you would like.....this will affect the cost, ordering big quantities means nice discounts, but isn't always what you need.
  • Design, colours and finish.....we can make suggestions for you and work along side you, however, having design artwork is really essential and will help speed up the process of your order.
What's Next.......

You can send us your Uniform requirements by completing the Get A Quote form at the top of the page, or pick up the phone and call us directly on 01322 404764... either way, we will guide you through what's needed and get your order rolling.



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