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T-Shirts & Polos

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Screen Printing

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Graphic Design

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Stag & Hen

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Stag & Hen Shirts

Bespoke Print

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Pricing Overview

This is a three part process........
1. Set Up - Covers converting your files into a usable format.
2. Garment Costs - Cost per garment that we supply to you.
3. Application Charges - Cost for applying either Embroidery or Print application.

There are lots of different variations that we can apply to your order, for a full comprehensive quotation, just fill out the Get A Quote Form.

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Printed Goods We've Created


Vinyl Cut Print

Leyton Sixth Form

Screen Printing

Elite Model Look
Tote Bags

T's & Polo Shirts

Celebrity Bartenders for
Sick Children's Trust

Bespoke Print

Holographic Print
Special One of a Kind

More on Printing

JeaP understand garment printing, we also understand our customers and when we work together, something magical happens...............
the exact result you are looking for!

If you're thinking about printed garments, check through the various sections of print options we have put together for you.

We have information on what's the best type of technique, how to put together your artwork and lots of tips on getting the most 'BANG' for your Buck!

Because we specialise in Vinyl Cut Print, we can offer lower quantities that will suit any small business or Bespoke project you may have in mind.
We work hand in hand with a lot of Costume Designers, Producers and Prop Masters, so we can totally think outside the box.

When it comes to the larger quantities, we would almost definitely suggest Screen Printing....a larger quantity can be as low as 50 items, thus enhancing the possibility of making your job extremely cost effective.

So how do we do it and what do we need from you.....

Read on to discover how easy it is to get your print order:
There will be a few questions that we need to ask you, so be prepared and we will make the whole process quick, easy and as pain free as possible.

  • Do you know what the printed items will be used for.......essential so that we can offer you the right service.
  • Got an idea of the quantity you would like.....this will affect the cost, ordering big quantities means nice discounts, but isn't always what you need.
  • Do you have your design, colours and finish.....we can make suggestions for you and work along side you if you've yet to decide or need some help.
What's Next.......

You can send us your Print requirements by completing the Get A Quote form at the top of the page, or pick up the phone and call us directly on 01322 404764... either way, we will guide you through what's needed and get your order rolling.



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