We Can Create Bespoke Embroidery or Print Work For You…

Specialising in servicing the industries best Stylists & Creative Artists, we understanding your requirements for that quick turnaround project.

Over the years we have been asked to produce many Bespoke pieces of work. Due to our vast experience within the trades of printing, sewing, dressmaking & soft furnishing we are able to use our varied skills and knowledge in producing/creating some very individual and one off items. The job tends to start with a phone call of, I’ve tried everyone else and I’m now desperate, can you help?
99% of the time the answer is yes and it’s then our job to work out how to do it! Bespoke work is generally a one off piece for a special photo shoot, sporting event or an exquisite gift – or that job that no other garment decorator would touch with a barge pole!!

We have produced:

  • Printed Boxing Shorts for a British Title Fight
  • Nike Varsity Jackets – 6 City Showcase
  • Badges for Bike suits worn by Charlie Boorman & his Team in the Lisbon~Dakar Race
  • Many embroidered & printed items for Long Way Down, Long Way Round and By Any Means
  • Various embroidered badges & garments for many TV Commercials & Programmes
  • Large embroidered designs for presentation cloths
  • Church Alter Cloths
  • Many different embroidered badges for The Red Devils, Formula1, Nike, FIFA, to name a few
  • Sample work for fashion houses and design agencies
  • Cross Stitch embroidery for fashion designers
  • Embroidery on to leather
  • Appliqué
  • Appliqué on leather
  • Cushion Samplers
  • Rhinestone T-shirts for Graham Norton and personalised rhinestone garments
  • Variety of student work for final presentations within the fashion and design sectors
Race to Dakar Bike Suits

Race to Dakar Bike Suits

The list goes on, but we don’t want to bore you so, just Contact Us and tell us what you require and we’ll let you know if we can do it for you.

Personalised Items

This service is the absolute in personalisation and uniqueness. Here we combine all our skills and applications.

As a company that specialises in producing small quantities of work, we are able to personalise individual items easily. Customers have requested many different one-off items, that can be as standard as a T-shirt for someone’s birthday or a intricate design for a Brides special day. These personalisation is available on many items and can be embroidered or printed depending on the garment or product.

Examples of Personalisation:

  • Monogramming
  • Teddy Bears with Personalised garments
  • Birthday T-shirts
  • Stag or Hen T-shirts/Hoodies
  • Xmas Gifts – Rhinestone Names on garments
  • Personalised Bed Linen
  • Wedding Handkerchiefs
  • Bath Robes & Towels
  • Cushions
  • Blankets
  • Wedding Ring Pillows
  • Blue Silk Knickers with the date of the wedding embroidered on them

Again the list goes on and on …. stuck for an idea,
give us a CALL 01322 404764, have a chat and we’ll give you some ideas and work it out for you!