Red Devils Oldest Recruit

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This year has again seen JeaP provide the embroidery for The Red Devils Free Fall Parachute Team. In conjunction with Oakley UK, the RD were fitted out with a full seasons kit. With many sponsors supporting the guys it was quite a mammoth task to logo up their kit.
The Summer jacket alone consisted of 9 logos with a combined total of over 160,000 stitches per jacket – that’s an average of 3 hours stitching time per jacket!

The jumpsuits were a little easier, with a badge required for Victorinox – better known as the maker of the Swiss Army Knife.
At the start of the season the Red Devils also recruited their oldest team member Jock Hutton at the tender age of 84. Jock had previously jumped for the 13th Para during WWII and was one of the first of the airborne attack to land in Normandy on D-Day. For more information about the Red Devils go to their site at


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Red Devils Oldest Recruit