Are you Ready, Steady Olympic 2012

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Whether you love it or hate it, if you live in England you can’t avoid the Olympics and all of the hype that goes with it.
We are only five weeks away from the New Year and the start of 2012. The big clock is counting, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, Trafalgar Square is now home to the Olympic Countdown Clock and what a hideous monster that is, thank goodness it’s only there for another 241 Days, 22 Hours, 31 Minutes and 34 Seconds, strike that 33 Seconds, oh you get the idea…
With such a short space of time left till the start of the New Year and more importantly to the start of ‘The Games’ the UK is set to go crazy with Olympic fever.
So how can we, as the host nation, cash in on some of the spoils of the Games?
Economically, the Olympics have been like a money tornado, striking one house and leaving the neighbour’s untouched. Hotels and restaurants expect booming business, whilst Florists will spend the summer twiddling their thumbs, hoping to be picked as the official supplier of the celebration bouquet.
One thought, is to become an official tour guide of Stratford and Olympic historian, sadly this vocation is for anorak wearers only and one career I will choose to avoid. Or perhaps if not a tour guide, I could become a play write, portraying tales of great woe & even greater joy at historic Olympic triumphs. Hmm can’t see the Royal Shakespeare going for that!
So for us, mere shirt providers, we will stick with tradition and advise you all to be visible. London is going to be crawling with tourists and if you’re in business in London, you and your staff need to be seen. Clever advertising campaigns will no doubt be swamping the market, but a good old silent salesman, brandishing your sales message or logo on the back of a polo shirt, will always do the trick.
So come on, jump on our Olympic bandwagon, we are an Official Supplier to a rather large construction company, who built a rather large village, for the odd 1 or 2 thousand athletes, who will be coming to stay in Stratford, at the Summer Olympic Games 2012.
If we’re good enough for them, we will certainly be of Olympic standard for you!


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Are you Ready, Steady Olympic 2012