Why Choose Staff Uniform

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Why Choose Staff Uniform

The fashion for staff to wear uniform has fluctuated over the recent decades and now more than ever it has become a popular addition to any business. Both large corporations and small one man bands have opted for the smarter line of wearing staff uniform. With accessibility booming over the Internet, the costs of producing personalised uniform has dropped dramatically and it is now extremely easy to kit out your staff smartly and cost effectively.

Having a personalised uniform or customised work wear offers employers and employees a host of benefits:

  • A well turned out employee will give customers a positive image of your company by wearing staff uniform or logo embellished work wear. Reports show, that customers feel more confident in staff who arrive in smart logo marked clothing, as opposed to scruffy non-uniformed workmen. The first impression is that if the company do not care how their staff are presented, then what will the standard of work be like. First impressions count and uniform boosts your chances of success on a job by as much as 78%!.
  • As a business owner how would you feel about having daily free advertising. With customised staff clothing that carries your company name or logo, your name is displayed wherever your people go. Just like a walking billboard your staff will be constantly promoting your business.
  • Another advantage to your customers is making your staff easily recognisable.  In some environments, you need customers to easily identify your staff. They need to know the difference between customers and staff and in some cases also the level of staff. Different styles of clothing can help customers to recognise who is in charge and therefore assess who can best help them if they have a query.
  • The clothing you choose for your employees is generally practical & hard wearing, it also helps if it matches the environment of the company. Colour and design can include the brand logo or symbol. Choosing a corporate image for your company and carrying it through to your staff uniforms is essential. Try differentiating the colours from the upholstery that may be used in the office or restaurant furniture.
  • Your staff will have a sense of unity and belonging. Uniforms have a positive impact on people’s behaviour – they know when they are wearing staff clothing, their behaviour can reflect well or poorly on their employer and they are therefore more conscious of their actions.
  • Staff find it easy to wear uniform, no more choices of what to put on every day or damage to their own clothing.
  • Normally tax relief cannot be claimed by an employee for clothing. However, the Revenue will grant relief for specialist clothing (including a uniform in certain circumstances) if the employer requires the employee to provide this at his (or her) own expense. Tax relief may also be available to the employee on the cost of repairing and cleaning this kind of clothing.

So all in all there are numerous benefits to supplying your staff with uniform, in short, your staff will be smarter, more easily recognised and best of all, give you FREE advertising.


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Why Choose Staff Uniform