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One of the Bespoke Services we offer regularly is Embroidered Badges.
Sometimes called patches, this versatile product has been around for centuries. Embroidered badges first originated within the military service and on luxury garments as decoration. The poor man’s version was patches to cover holes in clothing and then as time progressed fashion items to cover deliberate holes & cuts in clothing.
Nowadays, embroidery can be seen every where and the techniques have advanced to embroidery sewn directly onto the garments. During the World War II, the use of embroidered patches grew widely. All uniforms and different regiments within the services sported different labels or badges. These were originally sewn onto felt and cut out by hand. As the industry developed, machines became more automated and veneer needles would be incorporated into the embroidery process. The veneer needles could cut out simple shapes around the designs and the badges could then be stitched onto the uniforms.
Throughout this century badges have been used to label our clothing and we still continue to use them in the Public Service sector & uniformed organisations. We have frequently been asked to make very small quantities of badges for specialist clients.

Race to Dakar Bike Suits

One such example was Charley Boorman and his team when they took part in the Race to Dakar. Five individually crafted bike suits had over 30 badges made and stitched on by hand for this phenomenal event. We were given the brief of over 15 sponsors and only four days in which to produce 150 badges and get them on the bike suits. The Paris – Dakar is the toughest endurance race of it’s kind and the badges we produced had to be just as tough and also stay on the garments. One of the badges attached to the jacket, had the life saving information of the blood type of the rider, vital if the participant was injured and needed a blood transfusion.
When we get asked to make embroidered badges, we have to ask the client a few questions in return. These are essential to ensure that we get the right concept straight away, there generally isn’t much time as most of the clients that require badges are from either a production company or are on a film set or photo shoot, which is normally taking place that day & the next.
Wardrobe you have our sympathies.
If you are on a production team and looking for some badges, it’s helpful to know the following:

  • Have the correct artwork – you’d be surprised how many times we’re given the wrong files
  • Know the dimensions for the final size of the badge
  • Be Pantone specific, greeny blue could mean anything and it’s really not worth upsetting your producer
  • Confirm the use of the badge e.g. will it need to be fire resistant, we have specialist threads that are fire retardant
  • Know how you would like it finished and in what colour i.e. does it require a satin stitch edge the same as the background colour or a different colour
  • Tell us the timescale – vital so we can get the job done in time, we’ve often ended up working 48 hour shifts to produce some work, because someone forgot to mention that it was needed for tomorrow!!
  • Important to us – who will be paying? Have their name & the company address including the department & postcode.

Once we have ALL that, we can give you an idea of time,price and compatibility for the job.
It can sometimes be tough for us making badges, but we like to rise to the challenge and if you check out our Gallery, we think you’ll agree we do a pretty good job.

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